When picking a charity to donate to, research it on Charity Navigator

I don’t like being asked to donate to a charity when I’m checking out at a store. I have no idea what this charity is, how well they manage their money, and don’t want to just donate for donation’s sake.

I had a cousin who did house painting. He painted a really huge house and asked the guy what he did. It was something to do with those little penny charity things you see at gas stations. This guy had a mansion!

That’s when I found out charities don’t have to use all the money they get for the actual purpose of the charity. There are a lot of charities that spend absurd amounts of overhead like large salaries and offices.

Use Charity Navigator to get info on a charity you plan to donate to. They have tons of financials and other info to help you find the best charity to donate to.

Additional Reading

There are a lot of charities that make a ton of money from calling people. In 2013, the Tampa Bay Times did a series on America’s worst charities. The 50 worst ones donated less than 4% of earnings to the actual cause they were raising money for.

I remember my fiance told me her dad got a call from some firefighter charity and he actually gave them his credit card and donated $50! I’m sure it’s probably one of the ones listed in the Tampa article.