Stick to a sleep schedule even on non-work days

Your work sleep schedule is pretty much set. You know you can’t stay up until 3 am and expect to get up refreshed at 7 am. You’re pretty set on getting to bed at a certain time and getting up at a certain time.

But on days off, your sleep schedule is, well, no schedule. And that’s the problem. When the night-before-work rolls around, you’re having a hard time falling asleep early because you’re not really tired. Then you wake up groggy, feeling like you barely got any sleep.

I’ve started forcing myself to wake up earlier on the weekends. I wake up anywhere from 5:30-7 am on work days and on weekends I set my alarm for 7 or 7:30.

I’ve found that this helps me get tired more easily at night and fall asleep faster. I don’t go out on weekends which means I can get to bed between 10-12 pm. If I let myself sleep in, I wouldn’t wake up until 8 – 9 am, which means I’ll have a really hard time trying to fall asleep by 10 pm.

Exercise and being outdoors helps me feel more tired as well.