Social Media Marketing Website Critique

For a design snob like me, these sites truly hurt something deep inside me. They make me cringe. But hey, not everyone has a taste for design, and some people just have better things to do!

Besides marketing, I have a passion for design. I’m not a graphic designer (I dabbled in it a bit and considered it as a career), but I consider myself an enthusiast. That being said, I frequent subreddits like r/design_critiques and r/logodesign to help those not skilled in design (not saying I don’t go on to cringe at the poor choices people make in their designs). So now you can see why I’m a snob about this stuff.

Here’s a social media marketing company. The website gets the point across, but it’s in need of a complete overhaul. If I were a potential client, I’d see this website and run the other way.

Website #1


ugly social media marketing website1

ugly services

The Good
– The site says right away what this company does
– The navigation bar is prominent
– Background color is easy on the eyes

The Bad
– Too many graphics
– Nav bar is positioned strangely
– The slideshow just has random stock photos
– Why is “Social media marketing consultants” in two colors?
– The image says “SEO” but they don’t offer that service
– Boring stock photos of “business people”
– Copy is boring!
– Clicking on each service gives almost no description
– Clicking a service brings you to “add to basket” “Shipping Free: Ships within 14 days” What?
– You’re paying $400 for Twitter…but for what? There’s no info!
– The “What we do” bullets are links that go nowhere
– Clicking “more” doesn’t do anything

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