Get earplugs to reduce noise while sleeping

I LOVE my earplugs. I have become pretty dependent on them, I notice if I forget to put them in before I go to sleep.

They’re great for light sleepers like myself. Combine them with an eyemask (like this one I use) and it’s like you’re in sensory deprivation land. Perfect for long flights too.

I use Mack’s Foam Earplugs. A set of 50 costs $5.50 (Jan 2020). They’re great! No complaints. I haven’t had any discomfort. Try these or test out some others, I have only used these ones so maybe I’m missing out on a great set of earplugs out there.

I’ve also seen people recommend Hearos. They’re currently less than $4 for 14 pairs. They seem pretty comparable to Mack’s, but I haven’t tested them out.