DoorDash Review

I don’t see DoorDash lasting for a long time, my prediction is that the company fails within the next 2 years. We’ve used the service a few times. The first time we had a coupon for free delivery so we figured why not try it out. The food was correct and the driver came on time. The next time, my girlfriend used it while I was away. The driver took two hours, even though the restaurant is less than 10 minutes from our place, and the food was cold. The driver also couldn’t follow the instructions to find our apartment and blamed that (although the other driver found us just fine) and she didn’t follow the instruction to not ring the doorbell (we have a loud dog and wrote for the driver to knock and not use the doorbell). The doorbell issue was made worse because the driver made a comment that sounded like she did read the instructions.

My girlfriend wrote to the company to ask for a refund. They gave her the refund as well as DoorDash credit. So yesterday we decide to use up the credit since it was enough to pay for two meals. If we didn’t have this credit, I would not have placed an order because the site was so buggy. The site was so bad, we couldn’t order on desktop at all.

Here are a few screenshots of what happened.

The checkout on desktop would not let us delete items in the cart or show the correct items. This is showing that 4 items is costing over $13. 

In this first screenshot, this is the desktop checkout menu on the right hand side. We couldn’t see what we put in the cart, and it kept showing the wrong items. We’d click remove and the items would go away and come back. Sometimes the cart showed 4 items, sometimes 0, and sometimes it showed an order price that didn’t match those items. We tried a Windows computer, a Mac, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and incognito modes. I deleted my cookies as well. Nothing worked!

It took a good 30 minutes trying to get the site to work and finally I messaged them on Twitter although they didn’t have an answer.


DoorDash checkout. The subtotal is correct but the summary of items is completely wrong

We tried clicking checkout to see what would show up. Of course, the incorrect items in the checkout were the ones we couldn’t delete. But the subtotal was the right amount for the items we actually wanted. We didn’t feel confident placing the order on the desktop.

Now, feeling frustrated by this buggy site, I download the app as a last ditch effort. Luckily the app didn’t port over the desktop cart items. I went through and ordered. One issues was that the service fee on the desktop showed $0.39 and on the app it showed over $1.

Suffice to say, we won’t used DoorDash again. I’d rather go out and get the food than deal with annoyances like this.

I also don’t like that you tip the “Dasher” before they show up. My girlfriend gave her driver a tip through the checkout, and she showed up late and acted upset that she didn’t understand the instructions to find the apartment. The app/desktop should allow you to tip after a driver has arrived. We tipped the driver in cash for yesterday’s order because he followed the instructions and arrived really fast.

I’ve read a ton of reviews where people place orders and it went through, but nobody ever picked up the order and they never received a notification. The whole model relies too heavily on contractors who don’t feel connected to the company. Therefore you end up with some bad apples that ruin the experience for people that order. We’ve already had 2 bad experiences, and that’s enough for us to stop using the app.