Avoid daily deal sites

Whatever they’re selling, it’s likely you don’t need it.

Daily deal sites do a great job of preying on a psychology principle that gets many of us to buy: scarcity.

Daily deal sites like Woot have a limited quantity of a product for sale at a steep discount for just one day or until the stock runs out. If you even had a brief thought of getting a motion sensor trashcan in the past and you happen to see it for sale on a daily deal site, you’re going to have a hard time telling yourself not to get it.

“But it’s 50% off!”

“It’s such a good deal!”

“If I don’t buy now it could be gone soon”

It’s best to not sign up for these deal sites unless you’re OK feeling that pang of regret about not buying OR if you do end up buying and don’t get as much use out of the item as you had anticipated.

I recall we bought a hammock on a deal site because we had been talking about camping and it seemed like a great deal. We still haven’t used the hammock (though maybe we will eventually).