Always carry a water bottle

Even if I’m going out for 10 minutes, I bring my water. I’ve never needed to buy water while I’m out. It also dissuades me from buying soda if we go to a fast food place, I already have water so I don’t need to get a drink.

Really, you can get any water bottle, but if you want some recommendations see the ones we’ve used.

Contigo Autospout – $10
I like that you can just press a button and the straw comes out. No need to tip the bottle. I would still use this one but I left it at the gym once and came back to find it was taken apart and thrown on the floor so I don’t trust that it’s clean anymore.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle – $30
I got this one for my fiance for Christmas. It has a lifetime warranty, so if it ever starts leaking we can get a new one or replacement cap. It’s insulated as well so we can put hot drinks in there and they’ll stay warm.