30 Minute Reviews: Straps Co

In 30 minute reviews, I’ll set the timer for 30 minutes and go through one site. What I’m looking for are items that can impact conversion rate. I’ll mainly be looking at the home page, a category page, a product page, cart, and checkout pages.

Disclaimer! Since I only have 30 minutes to go through the site, and don’t have any additional research information or access to their analytics, these suggestions should all be taken with a grain of salt. Yes, they’re my opinion, but there are many suggestions I’ll make that have been tested on other sites and have provided an improvement in conversions. 

Site: Strapsco.com
Industry: Watch Straps


  • Slider should be removed. Pick one image and keep it.
  • Need a CTA. What’s the most wanted action on this page? I don’t know
  • No value proposition! Tell me who you are and why I should buy (Preferably above the fold)
  • I like the categories below the slider. Best sellers is a good fit. Should look at analytics to see if new arrivals and women’s bands are really that popular that they should be called out on the homepage.
Categories on the home page- Is women’s bands really that popular?


  • Make these category image buttons look more like buttons
  • Email sign up offer is weak
  • Footer provides important links that are easy to find


  • Navigation has too many links (Click maps can help determine which are clicked and which aren’t)
Navigation has a lot of links, are they all necessary? Content menu above also has unnecessary links


  • Why have shop and then all the category pages also?
  • Test which category is most popular and put that first
  • Can’t click the overall category page
  • The content menu page has irrelevant links (Blog, gallery, size, FAQ)
  • Cart button does a good job of notifying user when item added to cart
  • Buttons on cart are easy to understand, checkout or view cart


  • No live chat, there should be something so people can ask quick questions
  • Search bar should be made more visible

Shop Page

  • Default sorting on page seems like A-Z, wasting space by not showing best-selling items
  • Page seems like it’s more for browsing, but doesn’t do a good job of allowing for discovery
  • Filters on the side are mixed with product categories

Leather Watch Bands

  • Left column includes filters and product categories, should just include filters
Product categories and filters are mixed on the left column
  • Test which sorting option is best
  • All prices on first page show a clearance, visitor may not believe that every product is clearanced and distrust the prices

Product Page

  • Adding an item to cart shows a notification, but the notification doesn’t go away
  • Copy is not benefit-rich


  • Don’t offer drop downs for size and color when there are less than 5 options for each
  • Clicking the color option shows the wrong colored strap in the thumbnails
  • No repeat of shipping, return, warranty info in description or near add to cart

Cart page

  • Price doesn’t update automatically with quantity change
  • Shows shipping costs (yay!)
Cart page


  • Update cart button stands out more than checkout button
  • Update cart should be lower in the visual hierarchy
  • No info about returns or warranty
  • Checkout button should stand out more
  • Coupon area is nicely hidden


  • One step checkout- Should test about using multi step because one step can appear overwhelming
  • Test making credit card area look like a credit card
  • Paypal is made the default payment, should be credit card
Payment area of checkout: Paypal shouldn’t be default. CC logos are distracting. Might be hard to see that Credit Card payment is an option.


  • Move the payment logos lower down
  • Labels are inside the fields, they should be on top
  • Make name all one field
  • Phone number should be optional or removed (unless you absolutely need it)
  • Add “Opt in to newsletter” underneath email address
  • Try geolocation using IP to input visitor’s country and state
  • Card Code should offer more info (in case people are confused as to what this is)
  • Test hiding the second Address line, people who need it will find it, people who don’t need it may be confused by it
  • Clicked checkout and input only 1 number into credit card field. Only saw an error on the credit card page, none of the other required fields that I hadn’t even filled out
  • Error messages pop up only after clicking checkout (ie. Entered a bad email with no @ and saw a pop up error, but it went away)