How to sleep better

I had a hard time sleeping the other night (probably jet lag and the fact that I’m in an Airbnb). But it made me think about my sleep habits. I noticed that I had laid down for almost 2 hours before I went to bed.

I’ve found, for me personally, that I sleep best when I don’t lay down the entire day. If I lay down even just for a little it messes with my sleep. No naps. No stretching out my legs on the couch.

Before I go to bed, I try to stay sitting until I can feel myself needing to sleep. Even when I get in bed I don’t lay down fully (I keep my knees bent). That way, once I actually do go to sleep, it’s the first time my body has laid (lay?) flat all day.

I also try to read before bed. If I plan to read something on my phone, I have the brightness all the way down and put the orange tint on the screen (Blue light filter on Android).

I also sleep with earplugs and a mask for complete darkness. I’ve been doing that so long that I almost have to sleep with them in unless I’ve not slept in a day or day and a half in which case I can fall asleep no matter what. I also have a pillow that had a lot of stuffing removed and was cut in half. It’s the best pillow ever! I take it when I travel too.

Right now I’m sitting on a hard chair at a table doing some work. I can feel my back starting to hurt a little and my eyes are getting that tired feeling. But I won’t go onto the bed until I’m absolutely certain I’ll fall asleep in the next 10 minutes. When I do this, I always sleep well 🙂

Minimalist Chrome Extension

The Leoh New Tab Chrome Extention is awesome! I saw it on Noah Kagan’s site, OKDork, in the resources section.


This Chrome extension makes your new tab minimalist. It just has a nice, beautiful image, the time, weather, and other info if you want to add it (notes, calendar, RSS feed).

I really like being able to open it up and just see a nice image along with what’s on my calendar. Nice little app 🙂