What Items Do You Really Need? (100 item challenge)

This is a tough question for a lot of people. There are all those challenges to pare your stuff down to just 100 things. Or to get rid of one thing per day. I don’t want to sound preachy about anticonsumerism or minimalism or anything like that. There are way too many things out there now, and people don’t need any of it, that’s my opinion on the matter. If you go to Walmart, I’m sure 98% of items we could get rid of and still live a fulfilling life. Do you really need that electric wine de-corker? What about that pan that is just for cooking eggs? It seems like people are inventing so many useless things and making us think we need them. I’m sure we were fine before the Pop Chef Fruit Popper came out.

Whenever my girlfriend asks me “Should I get this?” I almost always say “But do you need it?”. Most often the answer is no. For Christmas, I got her a few things I knew she wanted, though I know she doesn’t need them. She can’t even think of things she would ask for for Christmas. Same with me. She already bought two things and says she knows I want them, even though I can’t even think of anything!

It’s an interesting exercise to think about what items you really need to live.

Could you pare down all your items to just 100? Or fit them all in a car? Even a backpack?

Can you name all the items you own?

We have tons of items, and it’s tough for us to declutter because we hate getting rid of things we’ve bought or been given. It is much easier to declutter by not buying more.

When I moved in with my girlfriend, I brought one suitcase, a backpack, and a duffel bag (I was flying so that’s all that was allowed, but I had lived out of a suitcase when I studied abroad and never lacked for anything). It was great! It was the perfect way to pare down everything. She also doesn’t have many things. We have had to buy some items to make our lives more comfortable such as a small couch, a table, and a desk and chair so I can work. Even though I consider myself a minimalist, I think it would be going too far to not have a couch or a table. Being minimal doesn’t mean being ascetic. For a while we only had a table and bed, no chairs, and it wasn’t the best in terms of comfort. Finally we got the couch (on sale) and have loved it! I just recently bought a cheap desk and chair from Craigslist because working on the couch wasn’t going well for me.

I want to use this post to try and come up with the items I need. This won’t apply to everyone. To my sister, I’m sure she’d have makeup, a straightener, and a cat on this list, things I would not add. Everyone will have a different list, it’s just interesting to see what people consider necessary and important to a good life.

There is no order to this, they’re put down as I think of them. I also grouped small things like socks and underwear.

1. Laptop
2. Mouse
3. Headphones
4. Smartphone
5. Glasses
6. Contacts/Contact solution
7. Toothbrush
8. Toothpaste
9. Brush
10. Deodorant
11. Sunglasses
12. Kindle (Rather than buy books)
13. My pillow (It’s a special pillow my mom made me, my girlfriend loves to steal it)
14. My blanket
15. Sleep mask
16. Ear plugs
17. Backpack
18. Green Pants
19. Black Pants
20. Tan Pants
21. Burgundy Pants
22. Lounge Pants
23. Lounge shorts
24. Workout shorts
25. Workout shirt
25. Workout Shoes
26. Blue and leather Vans shoes
27. Tan boots
28. Socks
29. Underwear
30. Pea Coat
31. Grey sweater
32. Red and grey sweater
33. Red shirt
34. Navy shirt
35. Blue shirt
36. Black shirt
37. Grey shirt
38. Grey Henly shirt
39. Blue button down
40. Crimson button down
41. Beanie
42. Wallet
43. Notebook
44. Pens
45. Taiwan deck of cards
46. French Press
47. Chinese mug
48. Gold Necklace
49. Watch
50. Aspirin
51. Hand sanitizer
52. Bathing Suit
53. Scarf
54. Tan shorts
55. Swiss army knife
56. Fishing gear (1 rod/reel, 1 small case of lures)
57. Pliers (for fishing)
58. Thermal leggings
59. Thermal shirt